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LED Rave Masks!!!

LED Rave Masks!!!

$174.99 $249.99

Hottest LED Rave Masks on the market by Bionic Designs!!! ON SALE NOW!!!
  • Specifications: 
    • One-Size-Fits- All ergonomically designed
    • 7 Color changing Modes (RED,ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE PURPLE, WHITE)
    • Material: Coated Metal, silicone, nylon, elastic straps, LED Lights.
    • Battery Life: 3-4 hrs on full charge
    • Water Resistant: Yes
    • Water Proof: No (do not submerge)
    • Heat Output: Non
    • Flexible
    • Great Airflow
    • Long lasting battery (call us for extended battery)
    • Bright and long lasting LED lights
    • If you want to absolutely make a statement you'll wanna grab one of these Adjustable LED Masks from Rave Designs! The mask has a 12 color RGB selector along with an intensity and strobe adjustment. Comes with an on-board rechargeable battery pack built into the adjustable head straps. You can charge the battery in the Slingshot with the included 12v cigarette lighter style charger or in your home with the a/c style charger which is also included.
    • Mask life ~ 10,000 hours


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